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TOPS - Way To Be Loved (Official Video)

TOPS - Way To Be Loved (Official Video)

From TOPS' LP "Picture You Staring"
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Shot on location in Montreal at Arbutus Records HQ
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Director/Editor: Fantavious Fritz
Concept: TOPS / F F
Producer: Jason Aita
Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey
Loader: Tommy Keith
Super 8: Myles Fairhead, Jane Penny, F F
Production Assistants: Mason Windels, Bronwyn Ford
Special Thanks :) Vision Globale, LIFT, Reel Good Film
Arbutus Records 2014

walking down the sidewalk
is that the way that you wanna be seen?
face that won't forget you
photographic memory
impression that you're drawn to
make it good
make it last
waiting for this moment for so long
ready for the dance

is that the way that you want to be loved?

ready with your story
funny guy
always saying sorry
hold on, there's something you're gonna loose
the man who turns the lights on
the lover who never has to choose
the girl he's set his sights on
lacing up her shoes

is that the way that you are
I can picture you staring
out the window
not caring
the nights go by
oh the nights go by

is that the way that you wanna be loved?
I can picture you staring
out the window
not caring
the nights go by
oh the nights go by
is that the way that you are?
wear your hair down alone
tie it up when he's there
and tell me that nothing's wrong

TOPS - Petals (Official Video)

Buy TOPS' album 'Sugar at the Gate' here:

Director: Jane Penny
Producer: Bronwyn Ford and Jane Penny
Director of Photography: Tommy Keith
1st AC: Payam Yazdandoost
2nd AC/Loader: Karim Belkasemi
Gaffer: Ryan Oppedisano
Editor: Tommy Keith
Starring: David Carriere, Riley Fleck, Jackson MacIntosh, Jane Penny, Bethany Owens, Holly Beavons, Antonio McKay
Extras: Claire Bargout, Miles Brenninkmejier, Alexsa Durrans, Sterling Hedges, Ambrea Miller
Film Development / Processing: MELS Montreal
Sunglasses provided by Gogosha Optical in Los Angeles
Jewellery provided by Sterling Jewellery Boutique in Kingston Canada

Thanks to Citizen Vintage \u0026 Jim Whirlow

This couldn't have been possible without the help from Bobby Lamont, Ryan Oppedisano, Evan Prosofsky and Emily Kai Bock.

TOPS - I Feel Alive (Official Video)

TOPS' new album 'I Feel Alive' is out now.


Order TOPS' new album "I Feel Alive" on LP/CD/Cassette/Digital:

TOPS on tour in April/May 2020:


Directed by Mashie Alam
Cinematography by John Ker
Assistant Camerawork by Tom Wood
Stills by Justin Aranha
Wardrobe by Nariman J
Film Provided by Kodak
Film Processed by Niagara Custom Lab
Film Scanned by Frame Discreet
Equipment Provided by LIFT
Wildlife provide by Hands On Exotics
Produced by Jane Penny


when I saw you wanted to spend the night\r
with someone else at home I knew it wasn’t right

\r\rI feel alive looking in your eyes\r\r

conversation that I did not like\r
faces in the street I wish I didn’t recognize

\r\rI feel alive looking in your eyes\r\r

lost nights, trying to remember \r
when I’m in your arms I can finally surrender
\r\rI feel alive looking in your eyes




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